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We believe that learning should be an effective and happy experience,something that will encourage students to become lifetime learners. To ensure this, the school has designed a custom made curriculum for the students. The creativity and innovativeness of this curriculum will ensure joyous and productive learning with lesser stress on the children which will ensure optimum learning outcomes.

Busy will be how most people will describe the pace at Sanskar Public School, Rahani, Dhenkanal. Momentum will be high and each day will be full and exciting, children will follow a daily routine of activities designed to build specific skills but one day will never be the same as the next. A wide range of activities have been included in their schedule are singing, listening to stories, dramatics/ plays, group projects, nature walks, outdoor games etc.These activities will provide opportunities for creativity, physical co-ordination, emotional maturity, practical and social skills.

The students will be trained and developed on various co-curricular and sports activities.

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