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Circular Detail 2018-19

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1 2018-04-07 Dear parents kindly collect the book of your ward from school store on or before 10th April.
2 2018-02-10 Please be informed that for celebration of fairwell for class X (2018-19) tomorrow the School timing should inform to students.
3 2018-02-11 “All of you requested to attend the Blessing Ceremony today after taking your lunch.Time : 01 : 30 pm sharp”
4 2018-02-19 “Please be informed that the blazer is optional from 23rd Feb, 2018. However tie is compulsory till 12th March,2018 (Only for Gents Staff).”
5 2018-02-27 “Please be informed that due to the atmospheric temprature the tie is exempted from your School attire w.e.f. 02nd March, 2018.”
6 2018-03-05 “Please be informed that today departure timing is 01:18 pm. Lunch time is 01:18 pm onwards.However evening class & dom duty will be as usual.”
7 2018-03-18 Please be informed that according to the guidelines/ instructions of RTE, your academic Qualification D.Ed has been compulsory for all teachers. If you havs not don it, kindly pursue it in the forthcoming Session. If you are already D.Ed./B.Ed., kindly ignore it.
8 2018-04-11 Please be informed that the School will remain closed on 14th April on account of Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti. However the School will function on 16th April, 2018 from 07:30 am to 10.30 am.
9 2018-04-11 “Please be informed about the following :
(i) All official records are to be submitted to their respective Department Incharges .
(ii) Last working day for the Teachers (except Incharges) is 01st May, till 12:00 noon.
(iii) Reporting date of the Teachers is on 10th June, by evening.
(iv) School starts functioning for Teachers from 11th June, from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm.
(v) There will be a general meeting on 14th June, at 09:00 am.
(vi) School reopens on 18th June, 2018 at 07:30 am onwards as per schedule , please inform the Students accordingly.”
10 2018-04-13 Please be informed that there will be a PTM for classes Nur to UKG on 16/4/2018
11 2018-04-13 It is notified to all of you that the school will remain closed on Date � 14 � 04 � 2018 on account of Maha Vishuva Sankranti.
12 2018-04-18 Please be informed that there will be a PTM for classes Ito IX on 18/4/2018
13 2018-06-08 It is hereby informed to all students and parents that International Olympiad exam by Silver Zone will be conducted in our school . The school has decided to conduct the same exam from the students of STD-III to STD-X.
14 2018-06-18 “Please write the name of Students of your Class those who are Bus commuters with their Bus no.”
15 2018-06-20 Please utilize the Proxy Period in a meaningful way and proxy for games period to be taken for games only.
16 2018-06-21 “Please appoint the Student monitors of your Class for proper maintaining of discipline in class..”
17 2018-06-25 “Please be informed that there will be a meeting with the Principal at 02:30 pm in Principal�s Office on 25th June, 2018 of Classes IX & X Subject Teachers. “
18 2018-06-26 Please be informed that as per CBSE circular, Teachers are not allowed to carry mobile in their duty hours . Use of mobile may call for fine and other suitable penaity. Kindly eschew this practice.
19 2018-06-28 Inspite of constant reminder and counseling it has been found that teachers are resorting to physical punishment. Kindly eschew this practice and adopt some meaningful humane and effective measures of advice, guidance, counseling and bringing to the notice of parent the act of child through almanac.
20 2018-07-03 “Housewise Bifurcation of Teachers for the Session 2018-19 is given below.All the Teachers of different house are expected to meet the undersigned together today at 2.30 p.m.”
21 2018-07-11 Keeping in view the need for hygienic living condition you are requested to ensure perfect cleanliness in and around your quarter including staircase and surrounding nearby. Please make use of dustbin for the purpose and solicit your willing co-operation.
22 2018-07-12 “Please be informed that there will be a visit to temple on account of “Shravan Somvar” on 14th July, 2014.Time of departure :- 09:00 am Interested members can give their consent. “
23 2018-07-18 “Please informed the students that there will be a Drawing & Painting competition for Classes I – XII on Saturday, the 19th July,2014 in CCA period, Respective Department head should by ready with the needful.”
24 2018-07-28 “Please be informed that a meeting will be held with undersigned at 02:30 pm today. Kindly attend the same. “
25 2018-07-31 Parents of classes Nursery, LKG and UKG students are requested to attend the Parents Teacher Meeting (PTM) in the school premises on Date � 04 � 08 � 2018 at 9.00 A.M.
26 2018-08-04 “Please submit documents which includes any one of Adhar Card / Passport / PAN Card / Driving License / Voter ID in Account Office for KYC (Know Your Customer) policy as requested by the Bank / P. F. Office. “
27 2018-08-06 It is hereby informed to all students and parents that International Olympiad exam by Silver Zone will be conducted in our school . The school has decided to conduct the same exam from the students of STD-III to STD-X.
28 2018-09-04 “Dear Teacher’s,Please join us tomorrow for lunch on account of Teachers� Day at 11:45 am in mess.”
29 2018-09-10 It is been found that after many reminder few teacher’s are bringing their Cell Phones in the school premises without the permission of the under signed. Negligence to it will call for disciplinary action.
30 2018-09-11 As announced meeting various times you all are expected to speak in English in your interaction with students and colleagues. You all are advised to keep away from regional language during School hour/in Mess/during evening classes. Those who are still engaged in such practice are stictly advised to eschew it.
31 2018-09-12 School Timing is 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. on Dt:- 13-09-18 for Ganesh Puja. The school will remain closed on Dt:- 14-09-2018 on account of “Nuakhai”. Classes will be as usual on Dt:- 18-09-2018.
32 2018-10-29 As per the decision of the Management you are hereby informed to pay Examination fee & Migration Certificate fees on or before 05th November 2018.
33 2018-11-19 “Please be informed that as winter has already set on kindly maintain the School winter attire & make it as mandatory till the next information (Blazer for all & Tie for gents).
Note:- Those who have not been issued can wear a descent winter clothing of their own.”
34 2018-11-19 You will have to fill up and deposit the given below information in your own handwriting with capital letter and correct spelling for preparation of Id card of your child.
35 2018-12-04 It is hereby informed you to buy the school sweater for your child on Date: 4.12.2018 from school.
36 2018-12-07 Thank you for your co-operation with the school. It is not mandatory for any day-scholar student studying in class � X to sit for the practice set exams. If you want, your son / daughter can prepare at home also without coming to school.
37 2018-12-20 The winter vacation for classes Nursery, Lkg & UKG students is from 21st December 2018 to 1st January 2019. The school will reopen on 2nd January 2019 as usual.
38 2018-12-21 All parents of class X are hereby informed to attend a discussion-cum-lunch party in the school campus on dt.23.12.2018, . You have to reach the school by 11 A.M.
39 2019-01-17 A Study Tour has been arranged by Sanskar Public School, Rahani, to Science Park, Shri Sai Datatreya Ashram and Deer Park(Kapilash), Dhenkanal for the students of classes III, IV, V, VI on Date � 20-01-2019
40 2019-01-21 A Study Tour (Art & Architecture) has been arranged by Sanskar Public School, Rahani, to Sishupalgarh, Chousathi Yogini Temple, Bhaskareswar Temple, Brahmeswar Temple, Megheswar Temple, Rajarani Temple, Mukteswar Temple, Vaital Temple, Kedargouri Temple Bhubaneswar for the students of classes VII, VIII, IX on Date � 23-01-2019
41 2019-01-25 All the parents of class IX and X are here by informed to help their children for attending the Super Math class by SANAM YELESWARARAO, Math Trainer-cum-principal in Oakwood International School, Hyderabad.
42 2019-02-26 In view of the 12th day observation of our Founder Late Mr. Abakash Pati, it is hereby informed to all the parents of Nursery, LKG and UKG students that as per the decision of the management the school timing will be 8AM to 2PM tomorrow i.e. on date 27.02.2019 . Lunch will be provided to all the students.
43 2019-03-20 With your support and co-operation Sanskar Public School is going to complete its fifth Academic Session 2018 � 2019.

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