Advisor's Message

Dr. Dhirendra K. Mishra
Advisor, Sanskar Public School

Children are born with talents which need to be nurtured by parents, teachers and society. In the school especially, these talents have to be identified and opportunities given to bring out the best in them. Children should also be given an all-round development which can be channelized later for the service of society. "Reading and writing alone don't make the man". The nation needs children with proper education and good character to serve humanity with dignity, honor and pride.

"Every new day dawns with different challenges. The future rushing towards us with supersonic speed has to be faced boldly". SPS Students must believe in themselves and in their lofty goals. They must make big plans, aim even higher and work tirelessly to always remain at the pinnacle of their achievements. I have complete faith in their inherent potential to revolutionise the meaning of success and excellence."

"In this knowledge age, the aim of schooling is to redefine education to whole-education where curriculum must be so designed that it takes a student beyond the text books and beyond the class room.

"The main part of intellectual education is not the acquisition of facts but learning how to make facts live."

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Our Objectives

Co-Curricular Activities
And House System

For better participation, development of team spirit and healthy competition among the students a well-planned house system is developed in Sanskar Public School, Rahani, Dhenkanal.The students are divided into four houses as Alfa, Bravo, Commando and Delta. Each house has equal number of students in terms of class and gender. All the competitions, tournaments, events and even the assembly at school are conducted, based on the house system. Various activities like Art, Dance, Debate, Drama etc. comprise the curriculum.